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About Us

About Crown Dental, Faridabad

Welcome to Crown Dental, Faridabad! Our team is dedicated to making every patient feel welcome, comfortable, and valued – because in our office you are! One of our favorite things to do is help those patients who suffer from dental fear or anxiety. We start by trying to understand the cause of dental phobias. In many cases, the problem actually stems from tooth, gum, or gag reflex sensitivity. By addressing the unnecessary discomforts, our patients are able to receive the care they need. In other cases, a traumatic experience in the past has lead patients to distrust the dentist. We work to build long lasting relationships with our patients founded on trust and respect.

Crown Dental, Faridabad

First communication with our team to enjoying your new smile with family and friends, we will make you feel like part of our family. Our primary responsibilities are to:

  • Accurately assess your dental condition
  • Educate you about tooth replacement and other options
  • Care for your overall well-being
  • Provide safety, comfort and security in a warm and welcoming environment
  • Help you afford the treatment you want and deserve
  • Provide supportive hygiene care following treatment to help you maintain optimum results

Our Mission

We know there is more to good dental care than just the doctor. The support team and the facility make important contributions to each patient’s sense of comfort and well-being. We place enormous value on the entire experience - from the first contact through your new smile and beyond. We understand that folks often feel anxious when “going to the dentist”. Every member of our team is committed to making your experience with us as easy, secure and relaxed as possible.

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